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It’s Day 7

and thus far things are going well.

My diet has been about 85% perfect. There might have been one or two…or maybe 3 Angry Orchards consumed this week. There also may have been curly fries. However, the rest was healthy.

I worked out 6 days out of seven. I finally got off the elliptical today and ran on the treadmill. I ran one solid mile and then did two more miles of a jog/walk. It felt great!

I’ve decided not to weigh myself during this journey. When I see a loss on the scale I think “I’m doing pretty good, why not become a little more lax with the nutrition?” When I see a gain I get tough on myself and eat the sorrows. I’m doing well with the no scale stress!

Although it’s only been a week  have had some NSVs. My pants are less tight (note I said less tight & not loose….I’m getting there!). A few shirts that were busting at the seams now no longer seem like a button is going to launch like a rocket across the room.

All in all, I’m very happy.


  • I’ve been MIA for a while because, well I fell off the fitness wagon. Work has turned unbearably stressful which has = eat everything in sight.
  • My “Come to Jesus” moment was when a pair of my work pants did not fit. Literally could not zip.
  • Today is day 2 of counting calories & Probably 90% healthy. Need to kick four cheese cheez-its out of my life.
  • Today was day 3 in a row of working out in the morning. I did an hour of the ellipitical each day. I know I need to mix in other things/weights, but just getting myself into the gym these days is a win. I hope to run on Saturday.
  • WWYD scenario: you drop your clean pair of underwear in a puddle in the gym shower. Not completely soaked, but wet enough to freak you out over god only knows whose body whatevers was in that puddle. Do you use that pair or wear the pair you just worked out in?? I probably wouldn’t wish this on my worse enemy. File this under things that would only happen to me.

I “ran” a 10k yesterday. A 10k that is 70% uphill. It was also St Patrick’s themed. The whole city comes out to watch, cheer, and drink. My friends and I finished in 1:26:some random seconds. I was so sad. Last year we ran it in 1:12:some seconds. Although last year we did train for more than 3 days before the 10k.

Today was a parade in the same city. I had to march in it for my work. A 2.5 mile march later and my legs are dead. Tomorrow I plan to focus back on the gym and getting back into shape!

March 19th, 2014

I am very concerned for my 10k on Saturday. I “ran” two miles yesterday with a friend. Our first mile was 11:59 & our second was 12:45. We stopped several times to walk and complain.

Today we did another two. The first mile was 11:17. We stopped once at .19 miles as it started to lightly hail. We looked back at the car, but decided to keep going. Our second mile was 11:56.

I hate running with my friends as none of them are overweight & I know they are great runners. I always feel like I am holding them back. I always tell them to leave me behind, but they never do - good friends!

Tomorrow we are going to aim for 3-4 miles. We won’t run on Friday. Then Saturday is the big 10k. This 10k is very popular and everyone comes out onto the street to watch, cheer, and occasionally shout terrible things at you (It’s a St Patrick’s Day themed 10k, lots of drinking on the sidelines….and occasionally amongst the runners too!).

I’m not aiming to beat last years time. My goal: to finish!

Time to hit the cray button

  • I had my yearly physical on Tuesday. My weight has gotten way to high. Definitely a wake up call.
  • I have my 10k on Saturday. Unlike last year, I am totally unprepared. I think the highest mileage I’ve gotten to recently is 5k. Frack.
  • I’m going to run M-Th this week. Hoping to get up to 4 or 5 miles on Thursday.
  • I’ve gotten back on myfitnesspal. It has most definitely been helping!
  • I went grocery shopping today. I usually fail at snacks while I work. I got baby carrots, special k popcorn chips, grape tomatoes, and fake meat pepperoni. There is no reason for me to fail this week!
  • The cray button is a metaphorical button my friends and I speak of. We “press it” whenever we need to do something at turbo speed. With my 10k and wake up call on my nutrition I most definitely need to hit he cray button this week!

March 6h

  • A lot has happened since my last post!
  • I took my first plane ride to Dallas a few weeks ago. It was amazing!..up until my flight home got cancelled & I was stuck in Chicago for a day.
  • This whole week I’ve been on point with healthy eating. I’ve been to the gym every single morning.
  • I have a 10k in two weeks. With this exception of this week I have not run in what feels like a long time.
  • I made it up to 2 miles yesterday. Was out of breath at the end. BUT on Monday I only made it a half a mile before I gave up. I’ve run every morning this week. I made it a mile today because my legs were sore/tired.
  • Tomorrow I will cross train and Saturday I plan a 3 mile run. I’m hoping diving in head first back into running will help me finish the 10k.
  • Life has been super stressful lately, but I am glad that I’m resisting the urge to eat everything in sight to relieve the stress.
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