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5 Days Until Half Marathon

So of course, with 5 days to go, I experience my first real pain. On my run Friday my shins started to feel a little discomfort towards the end.

Today I went to run 3 miles before work. I made it .25 before I needed to stop. There was definite pain, but not a massive amount of pain. I mostly stopped because I was afraid things would get worse if I kept going.

Once I got home from work I taped myself up with kt tape which thus far has helped all of my running discomforts. I’ve iced both my shins and am googling shin split stretches. I don’t plan to run again until it’s half marathon time on Saturday.

I’m spending the day in Boston on a work appreciation trip tomorrow. I’m hoping to rest my legs as much as I can. Hopefully the alcohol nips in my bag will help the healing as well.

Le Sigh.

Life Update 9.18.14

  • Since my last entry I ran another 10 miles last Friday. I was 14 minutes faster than the my first 10 mile run before that.
  • My right knee is experiencing a lot of discomfort. To the point where I slightly limp while walking. I’ve invest in a lot of kt tape. The tape helps a lot when I’m running. Post run I am struggle bussing.
  • My half marathon is next Saturday. I am both excited & nervous. My friend & I signed up in the early walker slot. That give us 3 hours 45 minutes to finish. I hope to finish under 3. After the half I’m going to cool my jets with the running. At least until my limp goes away.
  • My nike+ sportband has died. I picked up a garmin forerunner 10. So far so good.
  • I’m running 7 miles tomorrow, 3 on Monday, & 3 on Wednesday. Then rest until the half.
  • Online dating is getting weird. I’m chatting with a few guys. The one I like the most has a disclaimer on his profile saying he is super religious. Le sigh. I try to be religious….at Christmastime.

Things That Happened Today

  • I moved my body 10 miles! I ran, jogged, trotted, shuffled, and occasionally walked. My time was not the greatest - 2:25:50. I’m glad to know I could push myself and now the half on the 27th seems a little more doable.
  • I have a blister the size of New Hampshire on my left pinky toe from today’s run. Tomorrow is going to be a struggle bus walking wise.
  • Besides my toe, my right hip feels sore. Which is odd because I’ve never been sore there before - but I’ve also never moved 10 miles before.
  • I plan to run again on Monday. Probably 3-5 miles.
  • I’m currently spending my Friday watching The Hobbit. I’m too cool for school.
  • A guy I dated last year popped up again in June. We’ve been doing an awkward song  dance since then. We hit a major bump in the road last night. Today he called. I asked him what he wanted to do. The response was “I don’t know”. There were so many cat & mouse games with him & my feelings were hurt. So I let him know that I did know & that he was not for me & to never contact me again. See ya never. Sometimes I can be an independent lady & stand up for myself.
  • As much as I want to date someone, it needs to be the right  someone.

Life Update

  • I’ve pulled myself out of the sadness of my best friend moving away
  • I’ve accepted another job at work. This next year will be a lot of learning and hard work, but I’m excited!
  • Two weeks ago I weighed 205 on the scales. I realized how unhappy I feel and kicked myself into gear. Last Wednesday I weighed in at 201.8. I’m going to begin my Weigh in Wednesdays again to keep me on track.
  • I’ve been doing a lot of clean eating, counting calories, and exercising 5-6 times a week over the past 2 weeks. I’m nervous for what the scale will say tomorrow, but my clothes are feeling a little looser and that makes all the work worth it.
  • I ran 4 miles this morning and it really put me in a great mindset for the rest of the day!
  • I’m seeing my ex tomorrow night. It will go one of two ways. We either start dating again or it will be the last time I ever see him. I haven’t seen him in 8 months and he is going through a rough time. I feel bad for him, but not bad enough to put myself in a bad position. Mama didn’t raise no fool.
  • My online dates have been a disas-tah as of late. But that’s the beauty of online dating. On to the next!

I found out yesterday that my work/life bff put in her two weeks. She was not happy and I’m not surprised she did it, but what I am surprised by is that she is moving over 2 hours away.

I’m happy for her, but am oh so sad. We eat lunch together everyday and have so many after work adventures all the time. Each time I talked to her today about it, she would cry. I did not cry in front of her (yet) because I want to put on a happy face for her.

But now that I am home it is time to commence the tears! I know 2ish hours is really not that far in essence, but we literally had plans everyday. Mondays were manicures, Tuesday trivia at the bar, Wednesday movie night, etc. And those will be no more.  This feels like a breakup.

For reference, my other best friend moved to Ohio two years ago. Cue “All By Myself”.

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