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1/4 way through

  • I finished 1/4 of my half marathon training today with a 5 mile run/jog in 64:04. I’m glad I’ve made it this far without skipping a day or giving up. Lets’ hope the next 1/4 go as well!
  • My left ankle and knee have been feeling wonky whenever I run more than 2 miles. I’m going to keep my eye on it and if it gets worse, I’ll have to get it checked out.
  • I worked 4pm-midnight on Thursday, 1:30pm-10:30pm (I walked 10 miles around work during this, WHAT) on Friday, & 9am-5pm yesterday. I was wiped out this morning. After my run I had lunch, watched 2 episodes of Dexter, & then napped for 4 hours. I feel great & definitely needed that.

July 17th

Today I did my scheduled 3.5 miles in 42:26. I really did not want to run today, but I did. I’m satisfied. After my 5 miles on Sunday I will be done with week 3 of half marathon training. My eating has been okayish. Need to find the determination to eat good at least 80% of the time.

I’m working until midnight tonight and I hope my medium iced coffee gives me the strength I need to not lose my mind. I went on a 2nd date last night and it was blahhhh. Not half as good as the first. I am secretly hoping he just doesn’t text or call me again.

I am obsessed with Weird Al’s “Word Crimes”. I can’t listen to it on loop enough.

Sunday Runday

  • It was a struggle to peel myself off the couch while binging Dexter on Netflix today.
  • I knew the only way I’d be able to complete my 4 miles today was if I was distracted the whole time. So I was thankful the world cup final was today!
  • I ran/jogged my 4 in 49:39. I am pleased with this time. My left ankle is feeling a little wonkadoodle. I will need to keep an eye on that.
  • My friend just introduced me to a Greek yogurt that has 18g of protein. These little guys are super filling, delicious, and my new go to snack!
  • I normally like to only talk to one guy at a time. I find it hard to multitask and who likes what and has what interest. However, I just went on a liking/winking spree. I now have a few messages in my inbox. AH. I’m scurred! 

Week 2 of Training

  • I ran my 3 miles as part of my half marathon training yesterday.
  • I skipped my cross training today because my left knee is feeling all sorts of wonky and I figured rest is best. Tomorrow I run another 3.
  • My eating is still pretty awful. Need to get the determination to eat healthy! I hope I find it soon!
  • I went on a date yesterday and it was absolutely splendid. I was very surprised at how well it went. We had great conversations and laughed a lot.  He is in much better shape than me and I figured I may never hear from him again after we left. It’s hard to keep my insecurities under control and not feel like a giant sausage when sitting across from someone  who is in great shape. I’ve also been on great dates and afterwards 0 contact after that. To my pessimistic surprise, he texted me today! I need to not feed into my insecurities and I am excited to see where this goes!

4 miles

  • I should’ve finished week 1 of my half marathon training yesterday. However, I attended a wedding with an open bar on Saturday so yesterday was spent in recovery.
  • Today was suppose to be “stretch & strength”. I did stretch and I also ran the 4 miles I was suppose to run on Sunday. It took me 51:13.
  • I have to run 3 miles tomorrow, cross train on Wednesday, another 3 mi on Thursday, rest on Friday, cross train/strength on Saturday, and then run 4 mi on Sunday.
  • Next week all the mileage gets bumped up. I’m scared.
  • When I need to start running 6+ miles I’m going to move outside. Right now the treadmill is my friend. I get sucked into Good Morning America and everything seems great! Nervous for the heat & humidity outside.
  • My eating has been okay/not good. Need to turn this around.
  • I have a first date tomorrow night with someone from match. I’m stressed out trying to figure out what to wear, oy! 

Day 1 (again)

  • My eating has been blah. Usually on point all day, then complete & total disaster at dinner. I’m a social butterfly so dinner & drinks after work is more than likely on my game plan
  • Today was day 1 of half marathon training. I moved my body 3 miles. My time was 37:14 which is less than stellar for me. Gone are days of a 5k in 31 minutes for me. BUT, I’m happy because during my “omg I can’t catch my breath, I am going to die moments” my treadmill speed only went down to 4mph. Usually I go as low as 3 mph. For me, this is a win.
  • Tomorrow I either cross train or run 2 miles. Thursday I do 3 again.
  • My bff is home from Ohio the next 4 days. I am a bridesmaid in her wedding. We will be spending tomorrow checking out the venue
    & caterer. Thursday I spend the day in Boston with her an another bridesmaid. Going to try on dresses. Errrr. I’m scurred.      
  • I threw my scale out this week. My pants are loose, but the scale says I’ve gained. Suck it scale. No more mind games. 
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